Wholesale Distribution

Let the consulting team at Minardi Consulting fuel your organizations growth in wholesale distribution by implementing your JDE software to collaborate better, deliver top service and make your company stand out!

Differentiate your wholesale distribution business - no matter its size - with software that helps you proactively understand your customers' product and service needs. Plan, source, stock, sell, recover and analyze - all on one unified IT platform.

Our Customers realize:

  • Increased revenue growth and sales volume per employee
  • Faster, more accurate supplier chargeback claims
  • Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) and shorter financial close cycles
  • Improved operating margins and employee productivity
  • Lower cost of goods sold (COGS) and operating expense
  • Improved inventory accuracy and turns

Industry Specific Solutions (include):

Available-To-Promise (ATP)

(ATP) is a business function that provides a response to customer order enquiries, based on resource availability. It generates available quantities of the requested product, and delivery due dates. Therefore, ATP supports order promising and fulfillment, aiming to manage demand and match it to production plans.

The Solution:

MCG ATP can be used to determine whether and order can be fulfilled from existing Inventory, or planned/Scheduled production and Purchase or transfer receipts

MCG ATP module is a good value for the companies wanting to know

  • Order status immediately
  • Are the goods available now? In the near future?
  • When will the order ship?

Download our datasheet for more information.

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management enables a company to manage the rental and sale of items, including capital equipment, inventory items, and associated services. You can manage all aspects of a rental service, including: Managing rental contracts and agreements.

Benefits Received:

  • Inventory tracking and valuation through the integration with the Inventory Module
  • Picking, Packing, and Shipping of the asset to the customer via a sales order linked back to the rental contract
  • Processing returns of assets back into inventory through the RMA process also linked back to the contract
  • Processing recurring lease billings from the contract to account for revenue
  • Generating repair and rework service work orders to maintain the assets, also linked back to the rental contract
  • Ability to bill as a one-off activity from a sales order and link the order back to the rental contract

High Tech, Electronics and Components

The fast-paced and ever changing high tech/electronics industry requires customizable and flexible solutions that can keep up with the demands of today’s suppliers, users and customers. Minardi Consulting can provide expert assistance to develop solutions that allow your organization to sustain drive profitable growth and stay competitive.

Our Customers benefit from:

  • Customized manufacturing processes which include:
    • Integrated Manufacturing Concepts
    • Automated Bills of Material (w/updates)
    • Work Order processing from inception to completion
    • Variance processing
    • Specialized manufacturing inquiries and reports
  • Commissions Processing
    • Tailored commissions processing based on your company’s particular needs
  • Line of Business Accounting and Reporting
  • Co-op Processing
    • Applications which allow supplier/vendor participation through advertising and incentive deals

Industry Specific Solutions (include):

  • Manufacturing Reporting
    • Specialized Variance Reporting to highlight both General Ledger and Cardex differences accompanied by detailed Bill of Material data
  • Manufacturing Costing
    • Highly customized cost methodologies, including targeted “re-averaged” costing by specific cost pools
    • Realignment of costs on a nightly basis using the “re-averaged” costs to the standard costs
    • Automated cost component updating
  • Manufacturing Interface
    • Developed a fully integrated interface of two disparate manufacturing systems keeping systems synchronized. This included: Item Cost changes, BOM changes, Work Order synch and automated roll and freeze of BOM modifications.
    • Additional interfaces provided for intercompany transfers, purchase orders, sales orders and sales returns (including EDI transactions).
  • Sales Commissions
    • Customized reporting and interactive maintenance of sales commissions across branches and lines of business.
  • Co-op Processing
    • Customized application to apply credits back to vendors who participate in customer sponsored advertising and incentive programs.
  • Line of Business Reporting
    • Fully customized reporting based on unique lines of business.
  • Life Sciences

    The Pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing multiple challenges such as stringent Government regulations, new pricing policies, increasing R&D costs and the patent cliff.

    Minardi Consulting has helped pharmaceutical manufacturers implement JD Edwards solutions that optimize and improve business processes like batch production, traceability, sales functions, inventory control, purchasing, quality assurance, accounting, financials and regulatory reporting.

    Our Customers realize:

    • Improved tracking from raw materials, through processing, packaging and shipping (source-to-dispense)
    • Real-time visibility into finances and faster analysis of profitability
    • Improved operational efficiencies, reduction in cost and time to produce
    • Better management of returns and credits
    • Improved Quality Control

    Industry Specific Solutions (include):

    • Shipping
      • Captured the contents of shipping cartons, whether they were full case or partial case quantities and including this information on ASN’s as part of the E-Pedigree requirement given by pharmaceutical wholesalers. Working with the third party shipping company we were able to successfully capture the data, update the corresponding sales transactions and send the updated ASN’s to the wholesalers.
    • Returns
      • Matched incoming returns back to the original sales order for the purpose of issuing the credit to the correct customer. Often when returns came in from the processor, they did not always contain the original customer who placed the order, making it impossible to determine the correct amount to credit. Since the customer who returned the product may not be the same one who purchased it, a significant amount of time was spent identifying the correct customers. We developed a solution that automatically processed inbound returns, and if a match was found generated the credit without any user involvement.
      • Created rule based returns system that creates, validates and prices wholesalers, 3pl and customer returns into JDE.
    • Misc. Development Areas
      • Created a sales order mass update application mostly used during a product launch to quickly update data elements on a high volume of specific sales orders to facilitate the orders getting to the warehouse for processing.
      • Created additional data elements and maintenance enhancements for item master information required for government compliance, HDMA sheets and revenue management system.
      • Created additional data elements and maintenance of customer information for revenue management, direct and indirect customers. The ability to capture and maintain additional customer identifiers such as DEA licenses, HIN numbers, GLN numbers, State licenses, etc. to be used in electronic communication with customers via EDI and outgoing documents (Pack List, Invoices).
      • Added functionality in several steps of the supply chain process to enforce customer DEA and/or State license validation and effectivity based on the products being purchased.